Dear Bitcoin Black Members,

My name is Mark West. I run a few of the ecosystem projects in Bitcoin Black. (Please understand these are my personal projects from my personal investments)

I am working on new projects ( that requires a lot more capitol and I have decided to part with some of my coins to get the projects off the ground. I have packets of 25,000 coins for $45 each which is  still a deal.

Below you will find the details to purchase…

See you on the beaches of the world!!


*Disclaimer – I am a Investing member and leader in Bitcoin Black. The pre-sale for Bitcoin Black is closed. The Bitcoin Black project is community driven and my selling of coins is funding my personal ecosystem projects and helping to fund other projects and in no way does this involve the dev team of Bitcoin Black. This is a project by me personally to move the ecosystem forward and I appreciate everyone’s assistance to help a fellow Bitcoin Black member.


Packet 25,000 coins


25,000 Bitcoin Black Coins


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